Ola Siam is a Pharmacist, Translator, and Author.

After being graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, she decided, besides working in the health care sector, to follow her passion; Translation and Writing.
She translated hundreds of books, movies, documents, and much more; before deciding to employ her knowledge in writing.

Being a wife and a mother of 2 children, she is always driven by her family’s health, interests, dreams, needs, and future. Her main hobby is reading and writing in all aspects that matter to children in each milestone of their lives.

In her childhood, she always loved reading more than anything else. She realizes the importance of reading for every child and how it broadens the mind and boosts creativity.

No one can deny that the quarantine period has positive impacts as well as negative impacts. A lot of people found themselves in critical positions that could threaten their children’s future, including their educational future.

That is why she placed more emphasis on what her children read and on books she writes; so that all kids can develop into knowledgeable and creative thinkers; while improving both mental and emotional well-being.