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5 Ways To Teach Children About Charity (Sadaqah)


Islam urges charity (Sadaqah), especially for needy relatives. It brings solidarity, maintaining links, and spread mercy among relatives. Islam also urges charity to the neighbor and to give him charity if he is in need.

Many of us give in charity without informing children. This is not recommended. Instead, plant the seeds of giving in your children’s hearts and teach them to save part of their money to give to needy people.

The Virtues of Sadaqah (Charity)

Sadaqah has many virtues, including:

• Sadaqah extinguishes sin. The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: (Charity (Sadaqah) extinguishes sin, just as water extinguishes fire).

• Sadaqah is a cure for diseases. The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: (Treat your sick ones with charity).

• Sadaqah helps soften the heart from cruelty. Giving to others gives you a feeling that softens your heart.

• Sadaqah removes calamities, worry.

• Sadaqah helps a Muslim attain righteousness. So if a Muslim has a strong faith, the world has fallen on him with everything in it, and he buys his with everything he can, then his money will not be more precious to him and more precious than the afterlife.

• God blesses and increases the Sadaqah of his money.  The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said: (Sadaqah (charity) does not decrease wealth.)

• God doubles the reward for those who give Sadaqah.

• In Sadaqah, there is a beautiful psychological comfort, contentment and happiness, and the joy of Sadaqah.

Here are some simple ideas; To transform advising into an act that the child can understand and practice:

1- Donating Toys and Clothes

On the occasion of the child’s birthday, discuss with your little one what gifts he would like to receive, and encourage him to give some to other needy children. Also, ask him to identify the toys and clothes that he does not need and give others to make other children happy.

2- Sadaqah Box

It is a box in which we put Sadaqah every day. The child needs to learn the importance of this daily behavior and its benefits.

It is great for children to learn to give Sadaqah from their money from time to time, or for parents to increase the child’s expenses to take part.

Offer your child positive encouragement when they give Sadaqah to the poor; let them know that they did something that Allah and His Messenger asked them to do. Show what they did in front of all family members.

3- Sadaqah Artworks

Invest in your child’s love for art or drawing, and work with him in paintings that carry meanings and values ​​of Sadaqah. Then, choose the most beautiful artwork and hang it in the house or give it to relatives.

4- Teaching your Kids What Is “Sadaqah of The Body”

Teach your child to smile, remove harm from the road, clean the yard of the house or the road, or carry a tree branch from the street or a discarded bag that harms walkers, so he exerts an effort with his body with the intention of Sadaqah.

5- Teaching your Kids What is “Sadaqah of Experience and Knowledge”

If you are a doctor, engineer, teacher, or cook, then offer your services to some needy without pay, and tell your son that this is the Sadaqah of knowledge and experience, so he learns that not every bid is for money only.

Teaching the child from a young age the importance and virtues of charity helps them get the attributes of generosity, kindness, and goodness, which helps create a strong and coherent society.