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Stories From the Quran – The Owners of the Orchard


Quran Stories for kids 

There are a lot of inspiring Quran stories for kids as well as lesson-filled stories from the Quran. These stories instruct us essential lessons regarding a number of the issues we encounter in our daily lives.

One of these interesting and lesson-filled stories is “The Owners of the Orchard”.

The Righteous Father

Once upon a time, a righteous man, whom Allah Almighty had given him a beautiful orchard that contained various types of fruit trees, produced many types of lovely fruits.

The righteous father used to give the poor and the needy from his fruits. He did this with a kind soul and a happy heart because he knew that he pleased Allah Almighty by doing so.

The man knew that alms (charity) make God pleased with him and increases the blessing of money.

The Miserly Sons

Days passed; the righteous man died. His sons inherited the orchard that their father left.

So the brothers gathered and said that what our father used to give to the poor is not their right. “We are the ones who tire of it. Why do they take from our livelihood?” they said.

When the time for harvesting fruits came, the brothers gathered and said: In the morning, before the poor awaken, we will reap our crops, and thus we take the entire crop for us and give nothing of it to anyone.

One of them disagreed; he advised them to remain on what their father had to do so that the blessing that God had placed in this paradise continues. But the rest of the brothers’ objection was more robust, so they insisted on not giving the poor anything.

The Punishment from Allah

In the night, while the brothers were asleep, Allah Almighty punished them.

A fire descended from the sky and burned the whole crop—nothing left on the ground. The orchard, which was full of fruits, was turned into a wasteland.

This was a punishment from Allah.

In the early morning, the brothers went out intending to implement what they had agreed upon. When they went to their orchard, they found nothing in it.

It has become a black earth, so they thought they had lost the way, but they made sure that it was their garden. They realized that God punished them for their intention not to give alms to the poor. Here, their brother said: Did I not tell you to thank God and not deprive the poor of their right to zakat and alms?


The Remorse

Here, the brothers realized that what happened to their garden was a punishment from Allah because they intended to deprive the poor of the orchard’s fruits. They regretted, sought forgiveness from Allah, and returned to Him to forgive them for their sin.

Lessons learned:

1- The Zakat and Sadaqah (alms) that you spend for the sake of Allah Almighty is a reason for pleasing Allah, increasing the blessing of money, and make you happy throughout your life

2- We must return to Allah when he violates his orders and seeks forgiveness for every sin