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Teaching Reading To Your Kid

Colouring Books for Muslim Kids

One of the most effective teaching techniques for kids is to utilize materials that the child has a natural interest in. Teaching reading to your kid is no exception.

Kids’ Magazines

There are several kids’ magazines that focus on the animal-child connection. As our kids got older, we even registered for several magazines for them.

You think about generating an interest? Just wait till the kids realize that the mailman brings them a present. They couldn’t wait, and it definitely helped us with teaching them reading.

If your kids are struggling to get interested in reading, use a tool they are naturally thinking about. For us, animal stories and magazines were an excellent method to get started teaching reading.

Using Old Publications

Teaching reading to your kid is 100 times easier when using the subject that kids want to know more about. We can use old publications to make wonderful tools for the kids, to cut some images out, and make bulletin boards, calendars. This makes an excellent start in getting to the next level of reading.

They will discover how to make up their own stories and experiences using the photos they cut out and the details from the books!
Whatever your choice of tools to teach checking out to your child, I extremely suggest the use of some excellent children’s magazines.

Carefully Choose the Books 

Try to choose the stories that fit your child’s age. Do not give him a book that is too complicated for his/her age.

Choosing the right book will make you pass %90 of your journey to make your child love reading.

Never Give Up

Try again and again till your child finds the style of books he most loves. This may take time, but you will finally do it.

Use Educational Coloring Books

Using educational coloring books can be of great help for your child to link reading with fun.